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When you design your commercial building, you pay attention to every little detail. From the furnishing to the flooring on the walkway – there is nothing that goes unnoticed.

However, many people tend to forget that your doors are important too. Not only are they the first thing that visitors see when they drive up to your office building, but they also provide security and protection to the parked cars.

When you have so many different variations of such doors to choose from, it can become slightly difficult to decide on the perfect one for your building. We recommend opting for the modern roller shutter door – it is simple, efficient, and stylish enough for every house.

What Are Roller Shutter?

Unlike typical garage and storefront doors, roller shutters doors provide a heightened sense of security to every building. Instead of opening inwards or outwards like an actual door, roller shutters tend to roll up into a coil at the top when opened.

These roller shutters are made up of several vertical slabs that add up to form the whole door, and that is why they can be rolled up into a neat roll when opened.

Roller shutters are typically made using an aluminum skin or covering. This is smooth aluminum that provides a stern finishing to your store’s entrance door – one that is almost impossible to break through.

To provide extra insulation and noise reduction, roller shutters are filled with foam on the inside that serves as an extra layering for your door. This helps you maintain temperature control inside the building, and even reduces the amount of noise that escapes from your building.

If you like your safety and your own quiet little space to work efficiently, roller shutter storefront doors can be a great investment for your commercial building.

The Benefits of Roller Shutters

Apart from providing optimal security, the roller shutter door has many other benefits as well. Firstly, the roller shutter allows you to use your garage for additional storage space. Since the door would be opening vertically upwards, you do not need to worry about leaving enough space in the garage for the door to open. This means that the extra space can be utilised as storage for items such as old printers, faulty machinery, etc.

If you want to utilise as much space as possible in your shop, then you can even have the cars parked as near to the door as possible.

With roller shutter doors, there is no harm in parking close to the door since the roller shutter will only open upwards and form a roll on the coil on top.

If you want to customise your roller shutter door to suit the style and aesthetic appeal of the rest of your office, then you can opt for a roller shutter that can be customised in a range of different colours and finishes. 

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Contact Hadlow Security Shutters today to have your roller shutters in Aldershot installed. Not only do we provide affordable and customised solutions for our clients, but we also ensure that you have a hassle-free experience with our team.


Roller Shutter Options

Electric & Manual Roller Shutters
Steel Roller Shutters & Insulated Roller Shutters
Galvanised, Powder Coated Colour or Plastisol Colour Finishes
Perforated Curtain Or Vision Panel Punches With Resin Inserts.
Controller By Remote Control, Key Switch, Rocker Switch & Mobile Phone.
Powered By Tube Motors, Single Or 3 Phase Outboard Motors Or Sprung Loaded.


Same Day, 24hr Repair For Industrial Shutter Doors Portsmouth & Southampton

We offer a comprehensive end-to-end roller shutter service, from installation and repairs, to ongoing maintenance.  It’s a service you can trust with a friendly knowledgeable service and a promise will visit you the same day you call for any emergency assistance.

We also install garage doors in Portsmouth, Southampton & surrounding areas.

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