Roller Shutter Installation Hedge End


LPCB Approved

If you are someone looking for an effective and convenient method of securing every entrance and exit to your building, then a roller shutter would be your best bet. Instead of opening outwards or inwards, roller shutters are known to roll upwards. This is made possible due to the fact that roller shutters are constructed using a vertical pattern of slabs made of aluminium.

Roller Shutters

We are known to provide the best roller shutters in the entirety of Hedge End. The use of aluminium within the construction of our roller shutters allows it to have an incredibly robust finish that makes for the most efficient and foolproof method of preventing any unwanted visitors from entering your building. You could say that our roller shutters have impenetrable security. Apart from an extremely robust construction, our roller shutters also have noise reduction technology combined with additional insulation, which is made possible due to the foam within. So, not only will you be able to protect your property but also be able to maintain the ideal indoor temperature and reduce noise pollution by using something as simple as a roller shutter.

Why You Should Choose Our Roller Shutters

Of course, it is a no-brainer that our roller shutters provide maximum security, but there are also several additional benefits that you can take advantage of by choosing our roller shutters.

Additional Space

Since our roller shutters open and close vertically, you will never have to worry about storage space the way you would have to with doors that open outward or inward. This means that you will have additional space to store your items in. Roller shutters instead of the typical garage door will also allow you to park your car within your garage without having to worry about it being too close to the door.


Here at Hadlow Security Shutters, you are given the option of customization. This means that no matter what the aesthetic of your building might be, you will always be able to find a roller shutter that fits right in. You can choose from a wide variety of colours as well as finishes within our line of roller shutters. From rustic-looking roller shutters to one with a contemporary design, electric roller shutters to manually operated roller shutters, we have got it all. In fact, you can even choose the type of motor that powers your roller shutters, which includes spring-loaded motors, tube motors, and more.

Approved By The LPCB

The great thing is that when it comes to quality, we do not compromise on anything. So, in Hedge End, our roller shutters are the best of the best. This can be vouched for by our approval by the LPCB.

So, don’t hesitate and contact Hadlow Security Shutters for the best roller shutters that you can find in the market at Hedge End. The great thing is that we provide premium quality roller shutters at incredibly competitive prices.


Roller Shutter Options

Electric & Manual Roller Shutters
Steel Roller Shutters & Insulated Roller Shutters
Galvanised, Powder Coated Colour or Plastisol Colour Finishes
Perforated Curtain Or Vision Panel Punches With Resin Inserts.
Controller By Remote Control, Key Switch, Rocker Switch & Mobile Phone.
Powered By Tube Motors, Single Or 3 Phase Outboard Motors Or Sprung Loaded.


Same Day, 24hr Repair For Industrial Shutter Doors Portsmouth & Southampton

We offer a comprehensive end-to-end roller shutter service, from installation and repairs, to ongoing maintenance.  It’s a service you can trust with a friendly knowledgeable service and a promise will visit you the same day you call for any emergency assistance.

We also install garage doors in Portsmouth, Southampton & surrounding areas.

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